Shanghai 2009: Guangzhou Honda Linian roadster concept is messing with our S2000-loving heads

Guangzhou Honda Linian roadster concept - Click on the image above for a gallery

Guangzhou Honda surprised everyone at the Shanghai show with this tidy little roadster, its second Linian concept in as many years. While the 2008 Beijing show concept was a more pedestrian five-door, this two-seat droptop has us wishing for a proper S2000 successor.

Oh, one can quibble over some of the design details (oversized grille element, the showcar-only airplane yoke-style steering wheel, etc.), but fundamentally this is an interesting package.

Sadly, according to our compatriots at Autoblog Simplified Chinese, Honda's domestic partner was mum on specifics, including driveline configuration, powerplant, and so on. That said, the shape does look quite production friendly. Add in a stronger windshield header, some larger mirrors, and do away with that Knight Rider steering wheel, and the rest seems plausible enough.

Rest assured, we are angling for more information on this car as we speak, but for now, enjoy the possibilities... and the gallery below.

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[Source: Autoblog Simplified Chinese]

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