Progress to create a hotter, lighter Lexus IS F is ongoing, and according to recent reports from Japan, the IS F Evolution is slated to arrive in the summer of 2010.

Details on the Evolution are still unconfirmed, but as reported previously, Lexus is focusing more on weight reduction and handling than it is on power modifications. According to 7Tune, the harder IS F is likely to shed over 300 pounds, dropping the overall curb weight to around 3,400 pounds. Carbon fiber will be used extensively both inside and out, with more prominently blistered fenders fore and aft, and the costly weave used liberally throughout the interior, including the console and seats. Output will rise to around 422 hp and carbon-ceramic brakes are rumored to be fitted at all four corners. A total of 500 examples will be available worldwide, but with a price of around $250,000 U.S., most Evolutions will be sold in Japan.

If our green tea leaf reading is correct, we'd expect the Evolution to debut at the Tokyo Motor Show this year, although judging by the price, don't expect it to be available on U.S. shores.

[Source: 7Tune]

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