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Here in the United States, the use of E10 (10 percent ethanol, 90 percent gasoline) is already widespread, and, generally speaking, all cars, trucks and motorcycles currently sold in the U.S. have been running fine using this fuel. Things are apparently a bit different in France, though, where the use of E10 is just now beginning to become common. According to reports, at least one major manufacturer is currently advising its customers to avoid E10 until further testing is complete.

Yamaha's French Technical Service is reportedly accelerating durability testing in an attempt to validate that its vehicles are compatible with E10. In the meantime, the group is informing its customers that oxidation inside the gas tank and swelling or degradation of rubber components that come in contact with the fuel are potential problems. These are well-known issues, and none of them are all that difficult to overcome, so we're assuming Yamaha will get the issue taken care of ASAP.

[Source: Moto Mag via Bikes in the Fast Lane]

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