Having a motocross bike that can carry you through the woods with a certain amount of stealth might be rather advantageous for riders who would prefer not scare off all the wildlife in the vicinity. While the Zero X from Zero Motorcycles can do this quite well, the only color available thus far has been the rather conspicuous white, but it seems they might have something coming that's a little more apropos for the hunters (or photographers) out there. Behold, the Zero X in camo! (pictured above. No really, try squinting)

While we can't yet say for sure whether popular pattern will be offered to the public, we're betting they're considering it since they have a page on their website dedicated to it and went through the trouble of making a little movie. The footage not only features the X showing off its new colors, it also illustrates its ability to climb over trees, rocks and get itself up a creek without a paddle. Hit the jump for a little bit of bow hunting, electric X stealth style.

[Source: Zero Motorcycles]

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