Regardless of what a product actually is when it hits the auto industry these days, it apparently must have the term "sport" attached to it in some way.
This marketing practice is applied liberally, across all vehicle classes. Sedans aren't sedans anymore, they're sports sedans. Same goes for wagons and hatchbacks. Heck, even sport utility vehicles are getting new and fascinating names like "sport activity coupes" and such. So is it really any big surprise that sportswear is finding its way into the mix? Only now, it's not just storied marques like Ferrari or Porsche that are turning their brands into merchandising assets. If you build an individual model with a sporty image, you can capitalize on that too. Just look at Volkswagen's latest line of GTI products.

For now, it's limited to a key chain, a military-style cap, a messenger bag, and, somewhat incongruously, some baby gear. If your life isn't complete without, say, a GTI golf towel, you're outta luck – for now. The merchandise line is expected to grow beyond these few initial products, giving owners additional opportunities to let everyone know what they (and their offspring) are riding in. In the meantime, you can check out the preliminary collection in the gallery below.

[Source: Volkswagen]

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