Legway Steampunk Segway - Click above for a gallery

Sure, the Segway Personal Transporter is cool and all, with its self-balancing technology and lack of emissions from the vehicle, but is there a way to make it greener? At least one enterprising inventor thinks so, and by subtracting the electric motors, computers, batteries and all of the associated techno-bits, he seems to have succeeded. The invention is called the Legway.

This isn't expected to be a real form of transportation, but it's undeniably cool. Bicycles have long been considered the most efficient way to get around, sometimes even more so than walking. So, combining the side-by-side wheel arrangement of the Segway with the pedal-for-yourself nature of a bicycle strikes us as a winning idea. Best of all, you are free to make one for yourself.

Click here to see the full set of Legway instructions on Instractables. It's doesn't look too difficult, it's made from parts that are commonly available at your local Home Depot and there are only 8 steps. What's stopping you?

[Source: Instructables via Carscoop]

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