Paris mayor Bertrand Delanoë announced an all-new EV public rental service, called Auto'lib, one year ago. Inspired by successful public bike rental system Ve'lib and the German Car2Go system (pictured above), the idea was that you could rent an electric car for short trips in the city. However, the project is undergoing some modifications, since certain legal and financial problems have arisen. The legal problems arrise from questions about which group should be legally responsible for the system. Delanoë envisioned a project that included the suburban municipalities but, according to the national government delegation in the Île de France region, this would not be legally possible. The ruling means that the project would only be available in the 99 km2 of the city of Paris. The financial problems come from the regional government itself, which was not too keen on contributing economically to the project because the coalition that rules the region, which includes Green Party members, decided not to invest €10 million in a car-based mobility project.

[Source: Le Parisien]

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