Brawn GP diffuser as seen by the competition

The FIA International Court of Appeal has just ruled that the "Diffuser 3" can continue on with their current shapely backsides, much to the chagrin of Formula 1 competitor Ferrari (among others). The Court had met in Paris to respond to a challenge issued by Ferrari, Red Bull and Renault, which questioned whether or not the rear diffusers being used by Toyota, Williams and Brawn met the regulations.

From the beginning of the season, the established front-runners have been amazed at the pace of those teams. Much of that pace has been attributed to a rear diffuser that seemed in theory to deviate from the straight-topped one the rules stipulated (which the rest of the field is using).

The other teams interpreted the 2009 rules one way and the Diffuser 3 adherents read the regulations differently. With the new ruling, it looks like the rest of the field will be playing catchup, and the V-shaped upper panel is sure to pop up on the rest of the cars very soon. Whether or not it will have an impact on the standings remains to be seen, as Brawn for one has proven to be a well-run operation with a strong engine and re-energized drivers.

[Source: F1-Live]

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