For as long as auto shows have been a showplace for the latest and greatest cars and trucks, there have been attractive models hired to stand by the vehicles. The models answer questions from patrons and extol the virtues of the product, but almost never participate in the design, engineering or manufacturing of said vehicle. Try telling that to a few rogue show-goers at the New York Auto Show that insist on heckling models working for GM and Chrysler.

It seems some members of the public are none too pleased about the government loans, and since they have no access to GM and Chrysler executives, they're taking out their frustrations on the models instead. The "representatives" have little to say in response to the jabs, considering that they're mainly contractors being paid to be positive, nail their script and move on to other projects after the show.

An accountant from Queens asked the model manning the Dodge Circuit stand "How come you've got to nearly go bankrupt before you come out with a car like this?" Another show-goer went as far as to tell the model at the General Motors booth that GM was responsible for the deaths of soldiers in Iraq since the struggling automaker doesn't make fuel efficient products. Wow.

Needless to say, the models had nothing to do with the government loans given to GM and Chrysler. That's like blaming the teller at your neighborhood bank for the hundreds of billions of dollars given to the banking industry.

[Source: New York Times]

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