Swedish company AutoAdapt has rolled out its first battery-powered Fiat 500 at its factory near Gothenberg this week. Autoadapt is working with Alelion Batteries and Fiat to do series production of several Fiat models with electric drive. The company plans to build about 100 of the tiny 500s this year and 300 next year. Fiat is providing rolling chassis without any powertrain hardware and Autoadapt is installing the lithium ion batteries, power electronics and electric drive hardware. The company is offering three battery options with 60-, 90- or 120-mile ranges. Following the launch of the 500, Autoadapt will add electric versions of the Punto, Grande Punto and Panda.

Alelion claims its lithium ion batteries have been tested to 22,000 charge cycles without performance degradation. The batteries are also claimed to work well in cold weather, a common condition in Sweden.

[Source: ElectricAid]

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