As someone who avoids listening to Bill O'Reilly, I didn't hear him make a claim last year (when gas prices were high) that he would buy a Prius if he could fit into one. O'Reilly also apparently said that, "No matter where you stand in the climate change debate, everyone should be able to agree that the cleaner the air the better and the less reliance on foreign sources of oil the better." These quotes come from the fun-minded folks over at ElectricAid, who not only listened to the pontificator but also decided to challenge him to do one better: sign up for an all-electric Th!nk City.

To prove that the City would work just fine for Bill, the ElectricAid crew found someone, nicknamed Bob, who is an inch taller than the Fox News star and took pictures of him in the car, with headroom to spare. Bob is also a cello player, and ElectricAid writes to Bill that, "even though he is taller than you, he is quite comfortable in the Think City and there is plenty of room for his rather big instrument." The chances of this open letter getting O'Reilly to sign up for Get Me A Think are smaller than Zeno's dichotomy paradox after a few divisions (i.e., tiny but not nothing), but it's fun to see nonetheless.

[Source: ElectricAid]

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