Saudi Arabia recently instated a new type of license plate that is expected to be fitted to 49 million cars in the kingdom. As opposed to the old Arabic-only plates, the new plates feature Arabic and Latin letters and numbers. Drivers can even request that the three letters on the lower right form certain 3-letter English words, like "nut." But according to the BBC, authorities have published a list words that definitely cannot be placed there, and heading the list of words like "SEX" and "ASS" is this one: "USA."

Even here in America, states regularly restrict certain letter combinations on license plates. Tags like "SEXVAN" and "KSMYBT" have been given the kibosh (even though "PRNOSTR" made it through). A New York police officer who wanted a "GETOSAMA" plate was even denied. It hasn't been explained why "USA" is on the list of Saudi Arabia's banned words, but such plates and 90,000 others like it are being recalled and replaced with something more acceptable.

[Source: BBC | Photo: Saudi Jeans]

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