The Toyota Camry Bondo Edition - click above for a gallery of images

Dear readers, this is what you get when you mix some serious damage, an aversion to body shops, a lot of time, and the belief that Bondo and duct tape can fix anything. This sad-looking fifth-generation Toyota Camry was spotted in Dallas by Final Gear user Spectre, and it appears to be wearing enough Bondo to give a nice boost to 3M's quarterly profits.

We applaud the effort on maintaining the window line as well as returning a Camry Coupe to Toyota's lineup, but we have to take points off for the roof bulge. If you can ignore the fact that it looks like the passenger side has been overrun by some sort of mutant mold and that it appears that you can't open the right side doors... well, there's not much else left to say about it, is there? Have a look for yourself in the gallery below. Hat tip to Pete!

[Source: Final Gear]

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