MML Sports Mitsubishi Evolution X Group N - Click above for an image gallery

Automakers are cutting motorsports spending to weather the economic downturn, leaving privateers and independent teams to take the reigns at the upper echelon of racing. UK-based MML Sports is one such shop that's ready to take on the Production class during the 2009 World Rally Championship (WRC) season.

Based on the Mitsubishi Evolution X RS, MML's Group N-spec Evo features a custom roll-cage and fuel tank, along with BOS dampers, upgraded springs and modified gearing. Per Group N rules, the suspension geometry and engine must remain stock, however a MOTEC ECU has been employed to eek out every last bit of performance from the turbocharged 4B11 four-cylinder, along with controlling the center differential.

Check out MML's site for all the details and get an eye-full of the build-up and completed car in the gallery below.

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