Chang'An e301 concept - Click above for an image gallery

Chinese automaker Chang'An has a new crossover utility vehicle concept called the e301 to show off at the upcoming Shanghai Motor Show. Based on the sort-of translated press release, we're betting that the e301 uses some kind of electric drivetrain. Beyond that, we'll charitably say that details remain scarce, but we can clearly see a resemblance to some past Citroen concept vehicles in the new CUV's oddball, asymmetrical shape.

There's definitely some Citroen Hypnos inspiration in the e301's front and rear fascias and the gullwing doors are dead ringers for the portals from the quirky French automaker's C-Métisse 4-door coupe from 2006. No matter. Regardless of its somewhat derivative styling, the e301 manages to look like tons of fun in an urban Jeep Wrangler kind of way. See for yourself in our gallery below.

[Source: Chang'An, China Car Times]

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