2010 Ford Mustang at the dealer – Click above for high-res image gallery

We got the word a few weeks ago that the 2010 Ford Mustang was on its way to dealers, and now we have the first visual evidence that the cars have arrived. We spotted a handful of the new pony cars, mostly V6 models, at Galpin Ford in Van Nuys, CA over the weekend. While our time behind the wheel of the Mustang GT left us thoroughly impressed, there are still quite a few questions to be answered. First, what are dealers going to do with all of their 2009 models? We noticed dozens still on the lot, and it's going to be harder to unload them the longer they go unsold. It will most likely take some pretty insane prices to motivate potential customers. Second, will the 2010 Mustang help increase the model's sales numbers? The last few months have seen record low sales for the Mustang, and it remains to be seen whether the refresh will boost sales. Both the 2005 Mustang and Shelby GT500 had a fairly hefty market adjustment when they first came out, but we doubt dealers will benefit from such profitable margins with the 2010 models. Lastly, and most importantly, who will win the muscle car sales war? The Dodge Challenger (SRT8, R/T, SE) actually outsold the Mustang in the first part of 2009, and it will be an even more competitive market with the arrival of the 2010 Camaro. We've decided to put it to a vote, so hit the jump to make your voice heard on our Camaro vs Challenger vs Mustang sales poll.

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