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Mercedes-Benz plotted the sales course of its distinctively-styled GLK crossover last summer, back when there were still a lot of people ordering their new rides with all available options. With that in mind, they shipped over boatloads of optioned-up GLKs whose MSRPs were north of $40,000, well above the model's $34,775 base price. Fast forward to January of 2009, and people want their new cars with fewer add-ons, maybe even just one or two frills. That has translated into optioned-out GLK models sitting around around on lots.

According to AutoWeek, in order to redress the issue, Mercedes has created new option arrays that give the consumer more choices for less money. Instead of having to order the Premium 1 Package to get a sunroof, for example, buyers will now be able to buy the sunroof separately and keep their bottom line lower by $1,700. Navigation will now also be available as a standalone $1,800 option instead of being bundled with the Multimedia Package, saving $1,550. As a nice touch, those who already purchased their GLK in the last two months are eligible for a $2,000 refund.

[Source: AutoWeek]

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