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Usually, we'd save a video like this for an "It's Friday" post, but considering that it's only Monday and we don't want to sit on Hitler EV humor all week (imagine the smell), may we present "Hitler's EV Dilemma"? Brought to you by our friends over at EVCast, the oft-remixed scene of Hitler from the 2004 movie Downfall (Der Untergang) - see also Hitler's tirade about Watchmen, the housing crisis, etc. - has Hitler pretty peeved about the Tesla Roadster price increases. EVCast's Bo Bennett calls the video just another EV shenanigan, but we know there are a lot of people who were not happy with Tesla's move. All we hope is that today, this video will cheer up your lunch hour a little bit. Check out the video (slightly NSFW) after the jump.

[Source: EVCast]

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