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Engadget readers and Tekzilla viewers will surely be familiar with the names Ryan Block and Veronica Belmont. The ex-Honcho of the gadget blog with the same corporate overlords as ABG and his companion, the co-host of the tech oriented TZ live in the Bay Area and had the opportunity to swing past the Tesla store in Menlo park this weekend. Since pretty much all work on the Model S (save some powertrain development) has been on hold for the last several months until the company gets another cash infusion, Tesla is taking the first prototype and the styling buck that were shown in Santa Monica a few months ago on a road show to try and drum up sales. Ryan and Veronica checked out the massive touch screen control panel and he, at least, was impressed. No word on Veronica's response although Ryan is considering following in his former boss Jason Calacanis's footsteps and ordering one. Ryan's video tour is after the jump. BTW, yes, it is a slow news day.

[Source: Ryan Block]

Tesla Model S hands-on from Ryan Block on Vimeo.

Paying a visit to the Menlo Park Tesla dealership for a one-day-only opportunity to check out (and sit in) their new all-electric Model S sedan.

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