It's comparatively old in the marketplace, its sales are down, and the Nissan Titan is/was slated to be replaced by a Dodge Ram-based replacement in 2011. Chrysler is distracted at the moment, trying to work out its government-mandated deal with Fiat, and Nissan is making contingency plans for the Titan in case its pickup hookup goes belly-up. caught up with Larry Dominique, Nissan's vice-president of product and advanced planning, at the New York Auto Show, who indicated that Nissan intends to continue offering a full size pickup truck even without a rebadged Ram.

Rather than give up, Nissan is prepared to extend Titan production at Nissan's Canton, Mississippi facility. Plans for the Ram-based next-generation are nearly complete, so Nissan would have to swing into action quickly to stay in the game, and Nissan says it can go it alone and design and build a new Titan if it has to. The most likely plan, should the planned Chrysler-based Titan fail to materialize, would be a revised and refreshed version of the current Titan to bridge the gap and attempt to bump sales.

The Titan's sharp sales decline reflects a pickup market that's brutally competitive, and the Titan, while pleasant and capable, has never managed to attain either the volume or the critical acclaim of most of its competitors. Nissan has adjusted production to meet demand, but reportedly say they could ramp up quickly if they can find a way to whip up sales excitement.


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