The Internet has finally assembled its own collection of esteemed digital-only auto scribes to anoint vehicles as the Internet Car of the Year and Internet Truck of the Year, while also putting a new twist on traditional awards. Rather than just hold closed-door meetings to draw names from a hat, the public is also invited to weigh in on their choices for Consumer Choice categories at the official website.

There's also a journalism contest that invites online-only writers and bloggers to submit entries for consideration. It's a new age, and the Internet Car and Truck of the Year offers a new venue to recognize the best, from fresh voices. Autoblog is excited to participate in this new venture, surrounded by our esteemed colleagues from other online outlets. The awards will be presented at an as-yet-unannounced auto show in November, and there will be regular updates at in the meantime. More information in the press release after the jump.



NEW YORK, NY – The time has come for the Internet to have its own car and truck of the year jury. That's why 12 of the leading Internet's automotive journalists have been selected to vote on these awards that will be presented in November at a major auto show to be announced at a later date.

The following Internet journalists are on the jury:

Aaron Gold -

Dan Roth - Autoblog

Jonny Lieberman - Autofiends

Valerie Menard - LatinosOn

Frank Washington - AboutThat

Lauren Fix -

Alex Nunez -

Joe LaMuraglia - Gaywheels

Zack Bowman - Drivers Side

Mark Arnold - Fast Lane Daily/Garage 419

John Paul -

Chris Sawyer - OpenRoad Podcast.Com

The interesting twist on this award – something no other jury does – is the consumers will have a vote at the same time as the professional jurors. This will be the only major site on the Internet where consumers will vote on their car and truck of the year without being unduly influenced by manufacturer advertising.

Consumer voting will take place at The website will have continuous updates on cars and trucks eligible for consideration. There will also be a blog and forum where consumers can share their opinions about the potential choices.


Another exciting aspect of the Internet Car and Truck of the Year is the Internet Automotive Journalism Contest. Writers and bloggers will be invited to submit their best automotive Internet pieces from August 1, 2008 to August 1, 2009. Internet automotive writers will be awarded in the following categories:

• Best Feature written solely for the Internet

• Best Automotive Review written solely for the Internet

• Best Single Blog Entry

• Best Series of Blog Entries.

Prizes will be awarded based on the level of sponsorship participation. All winners will have their work either presented or linked to on (depending on original publication guidelines).

Categories subject to change as the contest approaches.

The emerging dominance of the Internet has created a major opportunity for further recognition of "best of the best." The founding of Internet Car and Truck of the Year LLC fills a void in this important medium. It will be creating four major awards that, because of their nature, will gain instant credibility and prestige: Internet Car of the Year, Internet Truck of the Year, Consumer Choice Internet Vehicle of the Year and the Internet Automotive Journalist of the Year.
The Internet Car of the Year was created by Keith Griffin, the guide to used cars for, as well as a print automotive journalist and vice president of the New England Motor Press Association. Marketing for the awards is being handled by Al Vinikour of Vinikour Communications in Trenton, Michigan.

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