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It's Friday! EVcast vs. the New York Auto Show

The New York International Auto Show has been going on this week and it appears that AutoblogGreen was not the only media on hand with an interest in checking out the latest in environmentally-friendlier vehicles. Bo Bennett and Ryan Levesque from the EVcast, a podcast about electric vehicles (EVs), somehow made it past security and, armed with a video camera, proceeded to wreak mayhem across the length and breadth of the show floor. Compared by many (OK, maybe just me) to those MTV sock puppets of yore, Sifl and Olly, the two carried on with their tradition of shenanigans whilst at the same time attempting to make a point about the desirability of electrically-powered vehicles.

Hit the jump and check out the ambiguously comedic duo as they cover all the cool electric vehicles at the show including the PUMA from Segway and GM, the Karma and Sunset from Fisker Automotive, and the Chevy Volt. If you're curious about their more serious coverage of the show, check out the Wednesday edition when they were joined in New York by our very own Sebastian Blanco.

[Source: EVcast]

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