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EV Innovations Inc. (EVII) was formerly known as Hybrid Technologies. The old name never really fit, because the company specializes in electric vehicles, not hybrids. Here at the New York Auto Show, EVII began rectifying that oversight with a display of three pure-electric vehicles, including - and this is a first for the company no matter what it's called - two models of their own design.

EVII has a couple of conversions (the latest is the LiV Harmony, an ex-Pontiac Vibe). LiV is EVII's designation for their converted vehicles and includes the LiV Dash (a smart fortwo) and the LiV Flash (a MINI). These cars can be purchased today and EVII will also take your order for their all-electric line. All this means is that you can put a deposit down and then EVII will build your vehicle soon. Hill said they hope to build 10 each of the 2010 Inizio and the 2010 Wave in the next 12 months. The what and the what, did you say? Find out after the jump.

The $139,000 Inizio is EVII's sports car model. Cerven said he hopes the Inizio is like a Porsche or a Corvette that you're proud to sit in and drive. The Wave, which will start at $34,900, is more the grocery-getter. The Wave's top speed is 80 mph and will have a range of 170 miles. The Inizio has a totally inappropriate top speed of 170 mph and can go up to 200 miles between charges. 0-60 times is a hoped-for 4 seconds. These models will have designations (like L8 or L10) that describe the number and type of batteries that the customer chooses when they buy the car (so, L8 would mean 8 lithium ion polymer packs). Cerven said it hasn't been decided just how or if you'll be able to upgrade the number of packs in your car after you take delivery.

EVII is testing two styles of the Wave, one with three and one with four wheels. As regular readers might suspect, the three-wheeled vehicle is being tested because it'll be cheaper to bring it to market because it would be registered as a motorcycle. The problem, Cerven said, is that "nobody has signed off on [three-wheeled] vehicles yet." People just aren't used to driving a trike, and so the company is working on a four-wheeled model as well. He said he expects the four-wheeler to come to market, and, yes, the $34,900 price is for the quad.

Hill said that currently, there is one rolling Inizio prototype and one each of the three-wheeled and four-wheeled Wave models. In the booth, EVII left the body of the Inizio at home to show off the car's suspension, build and powertrain, as you can see in the picture above.

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