Nissan 300ZX Longtailghini spotted in Beijing

Call it the Lamborgawdy LP300ZX. This "tuned" Nissan was spotted at China's version of SEMA, the Beijing Automobile Accessories and Decorations Show. It's from a firm called MPS, which stands for Max Power Sports. Apparently, they bumped the stock 300 hp engine to a more Lambo-esque 500 poinies, so at least the "Power" part seems somewhat credible, but the real draw is that Lamborghini Murcielago body kit. It apparently takes a lot of extra bodywork to create a faux mid-engine look. Note the "Driftmaster" sign in the backround. We doubt this would be fun to run in the D1. We'd stick with the LP670-4 as driven by Sam Hubinette for sideways duty, and have to say we prefer the Tractorri Mustang in the Lamborghini Frankencar category. Check out the gallery below.

[Source: thetycho]

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