We're not sure whether or not they had to go to Vermont to carry this out, but CarDomain has just purchased StreetFire. That brings the No. 1 and No. 2 social networks for auto enthusiasts under the same umbrella.
Each company will retain about a dozen workers at their separate HQs in Seattle and Los Angeles, respectively. Although CarDomain is technically acquiring StreetFire, it will be the latter's CEO Glenn Rogers who will be running the new hybrid. CarDomain founder and Chairman Alex Algard will retain his title in the new entity, and StreetFire backer, Lightspeed Venture Partners, gets a board seat for partner Jeremy Liew.

Although both companies have seen some recent layoffs, no more are planned, and the company reportedly expects to be in the black by this summer. The combined viewership for the two companies is four to five million uniques a month with another four million coming through the WidgetFire widget. We wish them the best.

You can read statements from Rob Einaudi and Nads after the jump.

[Source: TechCrunch]

CarDomain and StreetFire: Together at Last!
By Rob Einaudi

We've been buddies with the guys at StreetFire for several years now. We've partied with them at SEMA and run from the cops with them on Bullrun. They are serious gearheads and big time video geeks, and it's safe to say that in a few short years they built the best car video site on the web. So I'm pleased to announce that CarDomain and StreetFire are now one big happy family.

So what does that mean for CarDomain? It means that soon we'll have a much better video experience. It means that I should be able to talk John Naderi into blogging for us. And it means that together we're gonna be the biggest and best automotive enthusiast community on the interwebs.

Got any video on Streetfire? Post a link! Oh, and be sure to check out John's announcement over at StreetFire.

CarDomain Hearts StreetFire: An Online Match Made in Heaven
Posted: April 8th, 2009 | By: Estin

Attention StreetFire peeps. I am proud to report that we've hooked up with CarDomain. And when I say hooked up I mean a complete merger, total consummation and not just in a tawdry-back-alley-steamy-car-window sort of way. This could be the best thing since the skunkworks crew at Reese's put chocolate together with peanut butter or more appropriately since someone put LS6 heads on an LS1 block.

CarDomain not only rocks the automotive social networking world but their domain extension is so much cooler than ours (dot net – what the hell were we thinking!?). Don't worry though as this result of this union won't be some sort of hideous CarFire.org Frankensite mash-up. If anything it will be a more pleasing harmonious Liger hybrid. In short, we'll still continue to host the world's best automotive videos and now CarDomain can help us create and share our rides profiles more efficiently. Once we master this whole automotive social networking thing maybe we'll even start twitting. Tweeting? Hello, CarDomain, a little help?

Stay tuned!


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