The Petersen Automotive Museum in LA, California, is launching a new Alternative Power Exhibit that will highlight some of the most interesting alt-fuel vehicles created since the beginning of the automobile. Cars that run (ran?) on hydrogen fuel cells, steam, electricity and even wood and coal will be included. Another star is sure to be the Chrysler Turbine Car from 1963.

BMW has reportedly provided the museum with two Hydrogen 7 sedans, one of which will sit on display in the museum. The second car will be used as a demonstrator, so all those out in LA who want the chance to ride in a hydrogen-powered vehicle may get their chance.

BMW's Hydrogen 7 features a V12 engine that is "one of the lowest emitting combustion engine vehicles that have been manufactured," according to the Argonne National Laboratory, which tested the hydrogen-burning vehicle about a year ago.

[Source: Green Car Advisor]

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