Iveco and Fedex have now completed the first six months of a field test program with a fleet of diesel hybrid delivery vans and the results are good. The group of ten vans supplied by Iveco have covered an average of 4,900 miles each over the initial test period in Milan and Turin, Italy. The result was a 26.5 percent decrease in fuel consumption and 7.5 tons of carbon dioxide compared to the conventional version of the Iveco Daily van.
The test vans were co-developed by Fedex and Iveco and use a Bosch electric motor and Johnson Controls battery pack. Like other hybrids, the Iveco vans feature regenerative braking, auto start stop and EV mode launch capability. Fedex has several hybrid test programs around the world in cooperation with different manufacturers and different technologies including both electric and hydraulic hybrids. This test will continue through May 2010.

[Source: Iveco]

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