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The fourth Fast & Furious has shot out of the gates with a $72.5 million opening weekend payday. Movie-goers are checking out the new flick for the fast-paced action, the Vin Diesel and the cars, but one vehicle you won't see on the silver screen is the Hyundai Genesis Coupe. The all-new RWD Hyundai was originally slated to be featured in Fast & Furious 4, but for unknown official reasons, it was later pulled from the script.

Last minute changes happen all the time in Hollywood, but Hyundai spokesman Miles Johnson thinks the competition may have helped keep the Genesis Coupe off the big screen, saying "another manufacturer blocked us." Johnson says the Genesis Coupe was even supposed to be included in the action-packed opening sequence.

The news didn't set well with the Korean automaker, considering Hyundai prepped a red 2.0T SE Genesis Coupe especially for the movie. Johnson didn't hypothesize which automaker may have done the blocking, and since several makes and models made the final roster of FNF4, your guess is as good as ours. With the amazing success F&F4 is experiencing, though, we're guessing we'll have another chance to see a Genesis Coupe in the fifth installment.

[Source: Inside Line]

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