We've been hearing about a planned rival for the recently-launched Tata Nano from fellow Indian automaker Bajaj and corporate partner Renault/Nissan for nearly a year. According to reports, the project is still moving forward, though Bajaj isn't planning to compete directly with the Nano on price alone. Instead, the automaker will attack the Tata Nano from a fuel efficiency angle with what will supposedly be the most fuel efficient car in the world (not counting hybrids, which are invariably much more expensive).
According to Rajiv Bajaj, Managing Director for Bajaj Auto, "We can share with you that we have targeted the fuel economy in excess of 30 km/litre and I think we are on our way to achieve that. Big change as far as fuel efficiency on road is concerned and we are equally confident for carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. We will be way below 100g/km of CO2."

That would put the upcoming vehicle at over 70 miles per gallon U.S. If all goes to plan, the new fuel efficient supermini will be ready by 2011, with our without the assistance of corporate partner Renault/Nissan.

[Source: Money Control]

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