With the New York Auto Show just around the corner, representatives from the Progressive Automotive X Prize will use the occasion and will mark the one-year anniversary of the official start of the competition by revealing the list of all registered teams, possibly as early as tomorrow. 80 teams turned in their paperwork just in time to beat the submission deadline in late February, out of 120 total. We'll see who made the list soon enough.

Those of you not in New York can keep up with latest from the X Prize team Thursday from noon thirty until 1:30 p.m. (EST). During that time, the Auto X Prize crew will be blogging and chatting on their website about the new teams and how the rest of the competition plays out. We'll bring you all the details from New York. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: the list came out earlier than expected. Check it out here.

[Source: Auto X Prize]



During the seven month registration period, which concluded on February 28, 2009, the Progressive Automotive X PRIZE received more than 120 registration applications for participation in the competition. Almost 80 applications were submitted in the final few days of the registration period! We are thrilled at the level of interest and enthusiasm demonstrated by so many teams worldwide.

This week, in conjunction with the opening days of the 2009 New York International Auto Show, the Progressive Automotive X PRIZE will announce a complete list of all Registered Teams who have been accepted into the competition. Members of the Progressive Automotive X PRIZE team will also be in NY this Wednesday, April 8, meeting with press, industry groups and even a few of our newly Registered Teams at the opening press day of the New York Auto Show.

Additionally, this Thursday afternoon from 12:30-1:30 EST, members of the Progressive Automotive X PRIZE team will be live blogging on our website, fielding questions on the Registered Teams announcement. Please RSVP to chat with members of the X PRIZE team on Thursday afternoon.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our teams, fans and supporters in helping reach this historic milestone of the competition! You will be hearing from us shortly with the exciting announcement of the Progressive Automotive X PRIZE newly registered competitors.
In the meantime, feel free to check out our current roster of Registered Teams here.


FuelOurFutureNow.com – the online interactive knowledge center component of the Progressive Automotive X PRIZE Education Program, sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) – was formally introduced to the education community at the National Science Teachers Association's National Conference in New Orleans, March 19-22, 2009 through a series of events with program partner Discovery Education, including a workshop presentation, booth exposure, and a press release.

Conference attendees learned how to use the online and print resources within FuelOurFutureNow.com to engage students in learning about alternative fuels, energy efficiency, climate change, and the science, technology, engineering, and math behind advanced vehicle development. The website now features over 250 pages of grade-specific lesson plans. For example, grades K-2 students are challenged to find out what makes cars go, while students in grades 3-5 focus on building the skills needed to learn about force and motion and efficient energy transfer within a vehicle. Students in grades 6-8 investigate fuel efficiency and develop a futuristic, energy efficient vehicle, and high school students are tasked with analyzing patterns in mass transit issues.

As the Progressive Automotive X PRIZE competition unfolds, more content will be added, including information on all teams. In fact, local Louisiana-based Registered Team applicant Team Global-E was on-hand to share their reasons for participating in the competition, to explain how they have been engaging area students and educational institutions, and to discuss what this opportunity may represent for the greater New Orleans community.

Visit FuelOurFutureNow.com to help the students in your lives realize their "fuel" potential!


The X PRIZE Foundation is hosting the incentive2innovate (i2i) Conference June 8 & 9 in New York City with partner BT Global Services and presented by the John Templeton Foundation and the United Nations. The i2i conference will highlight two powerful and significantly underutilized tools: OPEN COLLABORATION and INCENTIVIZED COMPETITION. We are bringing together some of the world's greatest innovators to share best practices on how these tools can solve the challenges facing businesses, philanthropy and government.

Registration is open to anyone but space will be limited to 350 attendees. Sign up now for the opportunity to hear about cutting edge solutions to today's challenges and a chance for unparalleled networking with your peers.

For more information about the incentive2innovate Conference 2009 and to register please visit: http://i2i.xprize.org


One of the objectives of the Progressive Automotive X PRIZE is to provide ongoing visibility for our teams and their technologies. Over the past year, both the LOI Contenders and the competition have made a strong showing in the media.

From January 1 through December 31, 2008, the Prize received coverage on approximately 150 TV and radio stations across the globe, 100 national and international newspapers and 900 blogs and websites. News of the competition was covered in 12 countries, including India , South Africa , Australia , the United Kingdom and British Columbia .

The 2008 coverage equated to approximately 212 million print impressions, 299 million broadcast impressions and 650 million web impressions, totaling more than one billion impressions for the 2008 calendar year. The equivalent ad value was over $7 Million, and we still have two years to go!

Here's a brief snippet of where we were featured in 2008:

· TODAY Show (Viewership: 5,620,000)
· CNBC Closing Bell (Viewership: 226,000)
· Fox & Friends. Fox News Channel (Viewership: 500,500)
· Rolling Stone
· Detroit Free Press (Circulation: 320,125)
· Associated Press (reach: N/A)
· MSNBC.com (Visitors Per Month: 30,000,000)
· Automotive News (Circulation 81,085)
· Los Angeles Times (Circulation 1,055,076)
· Consumer Reports (Circulation 4,000,000)
· NPR's On Point with Tom Ashbrook

As the competition progresses, we will continue our outreach to the media. Over the next year and a half, we expect to achieve even higher levels of visibility for the competition and our teams as they showcase their vehicles on an international stage.


The X PRIZE Foundation is honored to announce its highlight in the prestigious McKinsey & Company report "And the winner is..." Capturing the Promise of Philanthropic Prizes which was released March 3, 2009. The Report concluded that incentive prizes are a unique and powerful tool that should be in the basic toolkit of many of today's philanthropists. The recent renaissance of prizes is largely due to a new appreciation for the multiple ways in which they can produce change: not only by identifying new levels of excellence and by encouraging specific innovations, but also by changing wider perceptions, improving the performance of communities of problem-solvers, building the skills of individuals, and mobilizing new talent or capital. Again, the X PRIZE Foundation is thrilled to be a part of this exciting and groundbreaking report!


Later this month, the King of Sweden will honor long time Progressive Automotive X PRIZE Supporter and Advisor, Andy Karsner (Former Assistant Secretary for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, U.S. Dept. of Energy), with the insignia of Commander of the Polar Star. This recognition will be awarded to Mr. Karsner for his remarkable commitment in successfully strengthening the relationship between Sweden and the United States in the field of renewable energy. We congratulate Mr. Karsner on this momentous achievement.

In closing, we want to thank everybody for their continued support as this historic competition unfolds. We encourage all of you to visit our website, support our Registered Teams and take part in our LinkedIn and Facebook groups or follow us on Twitter! We look forward to reaching out to you in the coming days with the exciting announcement of our full slate of Registered Teams.

Best regards,

The Progressive Insurance Automotive X PRIZE Team
(Cristin, John, Vanessa, Julie, Mark, Bethann and David)

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