When Toyota first showed the Urban Cruiser at the 2008 Geneva Motor Show it was immediately familiar to American observers. It was after all the same car sold here as the Scion xD but given the "Outback" treatment. In other words, the ride height was raised and drive to the rear axle was added. In spite of having all wheel drive, calling this car an SUV, even an urban one, is something of a stretch for Toyota. Regardless of how you categorize the Urban Cruiser, it does qualify as the lowest CO2 vehicle with all wheel drive on the European market. It can be ordered with either a 100 hp 1.3-liter gas engine or a 1.4-liter 89 hp diesel.

The gas engine has auto start-stop and is rated at a combined 42.8 mpg (U.S.) with CO2 at 129 g/km. The common rail diesel that is rated at 118 g/km of CO2 and 52.3 mpg (U.S.) for the front drive version and 48 mpg (U.S.) for the all wheel drive with 130 g/km. While Toyota has not publicly ruled out an all wheel drive xD for the U.S. market when asked previously, it's highly improbable the diesel will ever come here. There's a video after the jump.

[Source: World Car Fans]

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