We have been following Top Gear America's Project Sipster for a while. The team's project was to install a modern ciesel engine from a VW Jetta TDI into a 28-year-old VW Golf and make the car go from 0 to 60 mph in less than 7 seconds but also able to achieve 70 mpg. Oh, and do it for less than $7,000. The team is done, and they're happy to report that Project Sipster's mission was accomplished. In fact, the car exceeded expectations, averaging 84 mpg on a 70-mile trip.

Fitting the engine was accomplished by CWS Tuning mechanic Cam Waugh. Initial fuel savings were also achieved by reprogramming the engine's ECU. However, when it came time to boost the aerodynamic efficiency to help reach the 70mpg goal, the team resorted to sorts of tricks: custom fitting a Series 2 front fender, rounding it with expandable foam, bolting a sheet of plywood under the car, using and rolls and rolls of duct tape to smooth the car's surface. A project for everyone? No, but if it works ...

[Source: Top Gear America]

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