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Think the standard Fiat 500 is just a little too manly? Fiat feels your pain, and would hereby like to offer the 500 Barbie, a one-of-a-kind small car created for the Barbie doll's 50th anniversary. This is a partnership five decades in the making, since the redesigned model was itself released on the 50th anniversary of the 500 back in 2007. Cross-promoted by the Mattel toy company, the Barbie car has a "nail varnish" coat of paint and luxury Alcantara fabrics. There's a light-up vanity mirror (but of course) and crystals throughout the interior (look at the steering wheel!) and on the hubcaps. The car is in London through Monday and will then continue its big European tour. Up next, could we see a Fisher-Price Fiat or the Chrysler Scrabble? I'm pretty sure that's what we need.

[Source: Fiat, Autoblog]



A special, one-off Fiat 500, created to help celebrate Barbie doll's 50th anniversary, has been brought to London as part of a major European tour.

The bright pink 500 Barbie, built in a partnership between Fiat's Style Centre (Centro Stile) and toy maker Mattel, has already driven through the fashionable streets of both Milan and Paris and has come to the UK capital for a similar event.

And as part of its visit, the car is being displayed in a special Barbie presentation at Fiat's London flagship dealer, Fiat Marylebone, in Wigmore Street, W1.

Acknowledging the most famous fashion doll in the world, the bright pink 500 Barbie's gleaming paintwork resembles nail varnish, while its seating is upholstered in soft, silver laminated Alcantara fabrics.

Inside, floor mats have been enhanced with natural silk yarn and there are lip glosses in brilliant colours stored in the glove compartment, along with an LED-lit vanity mirror.

To add to the glitzy look and feel, sparkling crystals decorate interior bezels, hubcaps, window mouldings and the roof-mounted aerial, and there is even an outline of Barbie's famed silhouette on the car's B-pillars.

"Barbie is an icon in her own right and it's fitting that the Fiat 500 – which is also an icon – has linked up with her," says Elena Bernardelli, marketing director, Fiat Group Automobiles UK. "We are delighted that the 500 Barbie has come to London, even more so as it is being exhibited in our flagship showroom."

The Fiat 500 Barbie will be on display at Fiat Marylebone, Wigmore Street, London W1 until Monday, 13 April.

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