Tesla Motors had previously announced the address for their store in "The Windy City" in March (1053 W. Grand Ave.) and if you can see the picture above, you're looking at the building they will be calling "Sweet home Chicago." Sure doesn't scream "premium-brand electric automobiles", does it. Well, not yet anyway. While they probably don't have the budget to knock it down and build it better (recycling is greener anyway), we've already seen their ability to take a building and give a proper look. We expect that there are workers on site as we speak sprucing up the 10,000 sq.ft space, hustling to get it ready for it opening later this Spring.

While the neighborhood isn't super trendy, the location is just minutes from the downtown core and accessible from the Kennedy Expressway. Curiously enough, they will find themselves just down the street from a location of Dreisilker Electric Motors. We'll let you know when their Chicago home starts looking as sweet as their other locations, shown in the galleries below.

[Source: Google Maps / Tesla Motors Club]

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