Michael Moore, long a critic of General Motors, is calling Rick Wagoner's ousting a "superhero move" from President Obama, one that puts corporate America on watch. The truth, as usual, lies in the middle of the extremes, but Moore has long been critical of the Automotive Industrial Complex and its treatment of blue-collar workers.

In a new post on his website, Moore says he views the move as a kind of karmic payback for GM's brass after decades of high living. The controversial documentary filmmaker and activist acknowledges that while Wagoner is getting a $23 million package to go away, he's still being shown the door by a government that's been mandated by the people to sort things out.

There's also a post-script that addresses the difference between the scrutiny the automakers have received versus the comparative free-for-all banks have had with TARP funding, hoping that this disparity will be sorted out in the same swashbuckling manner. Agree or not, Moore offers another take on all the gloom and doom, positing that it may even be a glimmer of hope for better things to come.

[Source: Michaelmoore.com; Image: Ann-Christine Poujoulat/Getty]

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