Ford Transit Connect Family One Concept - click above for a high-res gallery

What better place to take the wraps off a new family transportation vehicle than a kids' science museum? That's exactly what Ford did this afternoon at Ann Arbor's Hands On Museum, and we were on hand to witness.

The 2010 Transit Connect Family One concept takes Ford's new compact commercial van and explores the possibilities for the platform as a future family hauler. Peeking inside, a transparent divider between the front and second rows features a pair of embedded LCDs that can be used as computer monitors, watch movies or play games. In the back, built-in walkie talkie chargers sit next to dispensers for hand cleanser and a pair of fold up scooters hang on the rear door. There's also a cavity under the rear floor that can consume a stroller.

Ford engineers have also looked at the Family One as an opportunity to experiment with some next-generation communications devices. Sensors based on the specifications for the next iteration of Bluetooth are embedded in the rear seat. Child safety seats with sensors that can detect tension, angle and other factors can communicate wirelessly with the driver to warn if the seat is not installed properly. These types of systems are probably still at least five years out, but they are definitely very cool.

Check out the high-res gallery of live shots below, and the original post for more details.

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