Honda is just now launching the new Insight in Europe, and the marketing team for the UK-based dealerships has come up with a rather inventive new campaign to encourage test drives. Dealerships will record the fuel mileage (as displayed on the Insight's internal trip computer) that drivers manage to achieve on test drives and the figure will be recorded until the end of April. Once the program is complete, those individuals who scored the highest fuel efficiency will get a voucher worth £100 at Biome Lifestyle, a European distributor of ethical goods.

We'll have to wait till Thursday, April 30th, to see how it all plays out, but our initial snap judgment is that this is a good idea. Getting people inside the dealership in the first place is sometimes the hardest challenge, and if even a few people end up loving the car and either buying it or telling their friends about it, it'll pay off. Plus, what better way to highlight the fuel efficiency of the hybrid?

[Source: Channel 4]

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