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Ever since President Obama's automotive task force deemed the Chevy Volt too little too late to save General Motors, some have been worried that the vehicle would be canceled before it ever got off the ground. Our friends over at went so far as to seek out a comment from Bob Lutz on his last official day in the office. Lutz responded that the "Volt will survive and prosper," allaying fears of the project's impending demise.

If an endorsement from Bob Lutz wasn't enough to calm the nerves, Bloomberg is quoting an unidentified source with apparent inside knowledge of what goes on at the task force as saying the project won't be killed. It's not all good news, though, as the same person indicates that the Volt may be delayed due to the automaker's ongoing woes.

The official sentiment at General Motors is that the Chevy Volt will make it to production on schedule. "This thing is full steam ahead, nothing has changed," says GM spokesman Rob Peterson, referring to the Volt project. From where we sit, it's hard to imagine any reasonable scenario where the task force would rid The General of what may be the most hotly-anticipated eco-friendly vehicle of the decade.

[Source: Bloomberg]

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