Three years may not seem like a long time to keep a car on the market, but for an exotic automaker built on a Formula One team accustomed to replacing their racing machinery every season, 36 months must seem like an eternity. That could explaining why the 599 GTB Fiorano, introduced just a few flips of the calendar ago in 2006, is already due for a refresh.
The Prancing Horse showed us two new variants of the Fiorano last month at the Geneva Motor Show -- the track-bound 599XX client test car and the HGTE package for the road-going model -- and now spy shots show what is tipped to be a mild face-lift for Maranello's flagship supercar. If this is what sources say it is, the 599 could be getting a revised front air dam, with possible modifications to the headlights and other body parts, with the potential for some engine mods, too. Coupled with the revised suspension from the new HGTE package and the 599 looks poised to remain at the top of the dynamic performance ladder for another few years at least.


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