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Aptera hasn't formally announced what company it's getting the components that make up its electric drivetrain from, but there's been speculation that Azure Dynamics is the supplier. We still can't be 100-percent certain, but a new video from (pasted after the break, of course) shows off most of the goods under the 2e's sleek, aerodynamic skin.

In addition to the expected electric motor (bottom left, with what appears to be a heatsink on top), transmission unit and all the electronic bits that make it work, we can see some massive aluminum arms that operate the inboard suspension pieces. It's all impressively compact and looks to be very well engineered, in our non-expert opinions.

Towards the end of the video, we also get a sneak peek at a bunch of composite 2e shells awaiting their chance to be mated up with the rest of the goods that make it all function. Thanks for the tip, Broz!

[Source: YouTube]


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