The Denver International Auto Show opens today and Lightning Hybrids is planning on being there to display their biodiesel hydraulic hybrid prototype, the LH4. If you happen happen to be attending the opening this afternoon, don't be surprised if the slick gray sportster smells a bit like wet paint, since the family-of-engineers-run company was rushing to complete work on the vehicle mere hours before the start. Aside from the hydraulic hybrid system, which they estimate can achieve 100 mpg, the X-Prize entrant also has some other unique features. The body, for instance, doesn't have traditional doors but instead features a body that lifts up from the chassis to allow for ingression.

The company, which was only officially launched last October and now employs 15 people, is hoping to entice the city of Loveland, Colorado into investing in the project. A possible deal could see them receive $50,000 for a performance agreement and another $50,000 after they hire 25 people. They hope to eventually employ 300. Before they begin cranking out their own cars in 2011, Lightning Hybrids hopes to begin working their hydraulic hybrid magic on existing trucks and taxicabs. Hit the jump for some news footage of the team preparing the prototype as well as some animations of their vehicle and systems.

[Source: ABC 7 Denver News]

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