Regular AOL Autos readers will recall that we recently ran a story, Vehicles Most Likely To Get You A Speeding Ticket, about a study which revealed that drivers of certain car and truck models were much more likely to get nabbed for speeding tickets and other moving violations, when compared with the overall average score for all vehicles studied.

In Pictures: 10 Vehicles Least Likely To Get You A Speeding Ticket

The study was conducted by Quality Planning -- a company that validates policyholder info for auto insurers -- based on data gathered between August 2007 and September 2008, using a sample size of 1.7 million vehicles.

The study also has an up side, however -- it included a list of models that were much less likely to get ticketed, when compared with the average score. The following gallery represents those vehicles that were least likely to get a moving violation.

The percentage figure listed for each model represents how much less likely the model was to get a moving violation, compared with the overall average. For example, the Jaguar XJ's "rating" of 89 percent meant it was 89 percent less likely to get a ticket than the average. Which, in itself, is an unusual finding, given that the one of the engines offered on an XJ is a burly boy that cranks out 400 hp -- which one would think would tempt the driver to press the pedal to the metal. But, 'facts is 'facts.

The vehicle info in each slide is for the latest model-year available -- including the MSRP range, which represents what it sold for when it was new.

In Pictures: 10 Vehicles Least Likely To Get You A Speeding Ticket

A couple of these models, like the Buick Park Avenue and Oldsmobile Silhouette, are no longer in production.

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