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Our friends at Consumer Reports have reportedly gotten behind the wheel of the hotly-anticipated Chevy Volt for a world exclusive first drive. The first thing CR's testers noticed was the car's radio, which manages to play both AM and FM broadcasts, which is good. After properly setting the station, the team realized that the car accelerates when the throttle pedal is pressed. When the shifter was placed in reverse, the car was able to move backwards. Similarly, application of the brake pedal slowed the car. So far, so good.

Not all was perfect. According to the tester's notes, "A small cubby on the center console proved too small for cubs." Not good. Also, the sun visors were not able to completely cause the sun to go away and the team found that driving with children was "basically a nuisance" that "should be avoided where possible." Click past the break for more and click here to read the full account from CR.

[Source: Consumer Reports]

Um... April Fool's.

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