Just when it looked like all hope was lost for us diesel fans when it comes to light duty vehicles in the US market, our buddy Mike Levine at Pickuptrucks.com has the scoop on a plan to revive GM's 4.5-liter DuraMax. Several months back, Ford shelved plans to build a 4.4-liter diesel of its own design for the F-150 and more recently General Motors canceled its engine. The beleaguered Detroit automakers have now decided that there is still a market for such an engine even if it didn't make sense to build several different examples. Thus GM's innovative DuraMax will be renamed PowerMax (in honor of Ford's PowerStroke) and used by both companies in the Chevy Silverado, GMC Sierra and the F-150.

Since the Duramax was designed to fit in the same package size as the GM small-block, there had been a lot of speculation since its announcement that it could be used in cars like the Cadillac CTS and Pontiac G8 as well. GM's plans are still uncertain on that front given its near bankruptcy, but Ford is now expected to add the diesel to the new Taurus as an alternative to the EcoBoost V6. Continue reading after the jump.

[Source: PickupTrucks.com]


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