Victory can get boring after a while. The first couple of times Corvette Racing took the GT1 title in the American Le Mans Series, it must have been exciting. But after dominating the class every year since 2001, they're starting to look for a new fight, and the Porsches and Ferraris duking it out in GT2 must have started to look mighty tasty. Aching for a fight, Chevrolet's racing partner Pratt & Miller have started teasing what their latest challenger will look like, and it's pretty badass.

For 2009, the Corvette C6.R GT2 will take its cues from the new king of the roadgoing Corvette castle, the all-conquering ZR1. Don't expect a window into the race-engine compartment, but the design promises to look unmistakably like a track-bound version of the supercharged 'Vette flagship. Under the hood in 2009 will be a downsized 6.0-liter LS7 to meet the new ALMS regulations, to be replaced by a 5.5-liter race-tuned LS3 with 500 horsepower for 2010. The rendering above gives us a good idea of what the C6.R GT2 will look like, so F430 and 911 pilots had better get used to it.

[Source: BadBoyVettes via Jalopnik]

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