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We've recently caught wind of yet another hopeful American automaker with plans to launch a new electric sportscar in 2010 called Sigma Motorworks. According to Matias Gorfinkiel, head of operations at the budding EV maker, "[The Sigma GTE] is a test bed for a commercial high performance sports model we will bring to the market by early 2010, when we expect to sell 500 cars."

Major components like the front and rear differentials are sourced from Ford, and the GTE's entire cockpit was yanked from an older Mustang. Twin DC electric motors offer up about 100 horsepower each and provide all-wheel drive. A lithium ion battery puts out 144 volts and is said to provide up to 100 miles of range. With a top speed expected to be around 145 miles per hour, Steve Kase, head of development at Sigma Motorworks, says the GTE will be one of the fastest electric cars in the world.

That would be true, assuming the GTE ever makes it into production, which is an awfully big assumption. Automakers like Tesla Motors have shown just how difficult it is to enter the established auto market, even with vehicles as highly desirable as the Roadster and the new Model S. Of course, we wish them nothing but the best of luck. They're going to need it.

[Source: Sigma Motorworks]

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