Abu Dhabi is scheduled to hold its first ever Formula 1 Grand Prix on November 11 of this year. Due to tight capital, though, it is being reported that the event's organizers are behind on the building schedule for the race track and new support hotels. If that race gets replaced, rumor has it that Montreal will be asked to step up. Montreal would certainly get our sympathy vote -- the city's grand prix site still features a timer that is busy counting down to nothing...

For his part, Montreal mayor Gerald Tremblay has been speaking to Bernie Ecclestone about bringing F1 back to Montreal in 2010, and Quebec's gem could be slotted into an October space to substitute for the Middle Eastern race. Tremblay said he doesn't want to consider a one-off event, he wants a long term contract that brings F1 conclusively back to Montreal. Thanks for the tip, Pat.

[Source: F1 Live]

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