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"She goes a long way on domestic green fuel, 100 miles per gallon is the Continental rule."
That's one of the lines in "Johnny Magic," a song from Neil Young's upcoming album, Fork in the Road, which will be released April 7th. Johnny refers to Young's partner-in-green John Goodwin, the main mechanic behind the LincVolt project. Young has just released a video for "Johnny Magic" that was apparently shot inside of the car. Like the rest of Fork, Young sings the praises of fuel efficiency and making smart transportation choices in the song.

For another version of the video (same audio, different look - this time with a dog included) check out Young's post over at HuffPo. In that post, Young writes that "This is a song about people and heroes and change. Life in America. [...] Featuring Shakey Pictures' new 'economy look' to go with the times!" Watch the video after the jump.

[Source: Shakey Pictures via Ecorazzi]

Neil Young: 'Johnny Magic' - LincVolt In Wichita

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