Lamborghini Gallardo exploded-parts-diagram eBay find - Click above for a gallery

The shell of the Lamborghini Gallardo that was gutted to make the bizarre Ford-Mustang-meets-Lamborghini Tractorri showcar is for sale on eBay.

The orange bull is laid out like Humpty Dumpty for some well-heeled Alice – or Alistair – to put back together again. The only thing is you'll need to find a new engine, driveline, suspension, interior, and electronics among other things, since they were all used for the SEMA car. Or, you could just pick up the innards of a Mustang and make the inverse of the Tractorri -- the Mustardo, perhaps? You can bid at the link, or just have a look at the exploded-parts-diagram gallery below. Thanks for the tip, Jake!

[Sources: eBay; The Mustang News]

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