Take a look at the left column of the chart above. As displayed in a new report called "Automaker Patent Assets Intelligence Report" by PatentCafe.com, this chart shows that GM's green tech patent focus is far, far smaller (as a percent of total portfolio) when compared to the rest of the auto industry. Note, though, that this chart is based on 2007 data and the "green tech" category isn't exactly perfectly defined. PatentCafe is still willing to make the following claim:
The data suggests that General Motors is diverting resources away from core technologies toward development of telecommunications, lowering its Green Tech priority even further. Toyota, on the other hand, continued its Green Tech commitment with 158 applications compared to General Motors' 20. Is GM pursuing a high risk strategy "against the grain"?
This report was submitted as part of the Presidential Auto Task Force. Other findings of note are that Toyota leads the green tech patent race (29.1 percent of its portfolio), Ford is a close second (26.3) and then VW (22.8). There's a lot to know outside the scope of this chart (i.e., Japanese autocompanies often rely on patents from suppliers) and for that we recommend checking out Green Car Advisor and downloading the full report here (PDF).

[Source: PatentCafe via Green Car Advisor]

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